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Lab #2 – Enzyme Activity

Read and become very familiar with the Enzyme Lab

Due: Tuesday October 24th

Closure: Thursday October 26th

Watch Catalysts, Catalase Enzyme, and Temperature and Digestive Enzymes



Assignment #2 – Reinventing the Leaf

Read the Scientific American article “Reinventing the Leaf” and complete the Reinventing the Leaf Questions

Due: Oct. 13th

Closure: Oct. 16th

Assignment #1 – The Orderly Chaos of Proteins


Read the Scientific American article “The Orderly Chaos of Proteins Article” and complete The Orderly Chaos of Proteins Questions

Due: Oct. 10th

Closure: Oct. 12th

Calvin Cycle; the Specifics

Calvin Cycle Guided Note, Calvin Cycle Note


Read pages 226-228 and do Q#8-10 pg 228

Study for Unit Test – Metabolic Processes Unit Test Review

Watch Crash Course – Photosynthesis

Complete Calvin Cycle Worksheet (answers)

Complete Overview of Photosynthesis Worksheet (answers)

Watch Review of Photosynthesis

Play Calvin Cycle Review KAHOOT

Light Reactions

Light Reactions Guided Note, Light Reactions Note


Read pages 220-225 and do Q#1-7 pg 228

Complete Light Reactions Worksheet (answers)

Play Light Reactions Review KAHOOT

Photosynthesis; Light Trapping Pigments

Photosynthesis and Pigments Note


Read pages 210-219 and do Q#1-5,7 pg. 219

Watch What is Photosynthesis? and The Simple Story of Photosynthesis and Food

Other Related Pathways



Watch Crash Course – ATP & Respiration

Read pages 183-188 and do Q#1-4, 6-10 pg. 189

Explain how proteins and fats are utilized for energy (Figure 3 on pg. 187)

Read pages 190-194 and do Q#1,2,5-8 pg. 194

Complete Aerobic Respiration Worksheet (answers)

Play  Cellular Respiration Review KAHOOT

Electron Transport Chain

Electron Transport Chain Guided Note, Electron Transport Chain Note


Read pages 178-181 Q#3-6,9,10 pg. 182

Complete Electron Transport Chain Worksheet (answers)

Play Electron Transport Chain Review KAHOOT

Citric Acid Cycle

Citric Acid Cycle Note, Citric Acid Cycle Note


Read pages 151-155 and do Q#1-3,5,7,9 pg. 155

Read pages 172-177 and do Q#1-2 pg. 182

Complete Citric Acid Cycle Worksheet (answers)

Watch Citric Acid Cycle – The Reactions

Play Citric Acid Cycle Review KAHOOT


Glycolysis Note, Glycolysis Guided Note


Read pages 168-171 and do Q#1-7 pg. 171

Complete Glycolysis Worksheet (answers)

Complete Anaerobic Respiration Worksheet (answers)

Watch Glycolysis – The Reactions

Play Glycolysis Review KAHOOT