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Lab #2 – Enzyme Activity

Read and become very familiar with the Enzyme Lab

Due: March 31st

Closure: April 3rd

Watch Catalysts, Catalase Enzyme, and Temperature and Digestive Enzymes


Assignment #2 – Reinventing the Leaf

Read the Scientific American article “Reinventing the Leaf” and complete the Reinventing the Leaf Questions

Due: Monday March 20th

Closure: Wednesday March 22nd

Assignment #1 – The Orderly Chaos of Proteins


Read the Scientific American article “The Orderly Chaos of Proteins Article” and complete The Orderly Chaos of Proteins Questions

Due: Wednesday March 8th

Closure: Friday March 10th

Calvin Cycle; the Specifics

Calvin Cycle Guided Note, Calvin Cycle Specifics Note


Study for Unit Test – Metabolic Processes Unit Test Review

Watch Crash Course – Photosynthesis

Complete Calvin Cycle Worksheet (answers)

Complete Overview of Photosynthesis Worksheet (answers)

Watch Review of Photosynthesis

Play Calvin Cycle Review KAHOOT

Calvin Cycle

Calvin Cycle Note


Read pages 226-228 and do Q#8-10 pg 228

Light Reactions

Light Reactions Guided Note, Light Reactions Note


Read pages 220-225 and do Q#1-7 pg 228

Complete Light Reactions Worksheet (answers)

Play Light Reactions Review KAHOOT

Photosynthesis; Light Trapping Pigments

Photosynthesis and Pigments Note


Read pages 210-219 and do Q#1-5,7 pg. 219

Watch What is Photosynthesis? and The Simple Story of Photosynthesis and Food

Other Related Pathways



Watch Crash Course – ATP & Respiration

Read pages 183-188 and do Q#1-4, 6-10 pg. 189

Explain how proteins and fats are utilized for energy (Figure 3 on pg. 187)

Read pages 190-194 and do Q#1,2,5-8 pg. 194

Complete Aerobic Respiration Worksheet (answers)

Play  Cellular Respiration Review KAHOOT

Electron Transport Chain

Electron Transport Chain Guided Note, Electron Transport Chain Note


Read pages 178-181 Q#3-6,9,10 pg. 182

Complete Electron Transport Chain Worksheet (answers)

Play Electron Transport Chain Review KAHOOT

Citric Acid Cycle

Citric Acid Cycle Note, Citric Acid Cycle Note


Read pages 151-155 and do Q#1-3,5,7,9 pg. 155

Read pages 172-177 and do Q#1-2 pg. 182

Complete Citric Acid Cycle Worksheet (answers)

Watch Citric Acid Cycle – The Reactions

Play Citric Acid Cycle Review KAHOOT