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Assignment #3 – Editing the Mushroom

Read the Scientific American article “Editing the Mushroom” and complete the Editing the Mushroom Questions

Due: November 8th

Closure: November 10th


Assignment #2 – Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)



Complete HIV Case Study Q#1-6, 8-10

Mark breakdown: Q#1-5, 8-10 /1 mark each, Q#6 /2 marks   TOTAL  /10

Due: November 1st

Closure: November 3rd

Watch SciShow – HIV, Circumcision & The Fight Against AIDS

Watch TED – Hans Rosling on HIV

Watch HIV Lifecycle

Assignment #1 – Evidence of Hereditary Material



Complete parts (a-i) of Evidence of Hereditary Material

Mark breakdown: a) /2 b) /2 c) /1 d) /2 e) /2 f) /1 g) /1 h) /2 i) /6     TOTAL  /19

Due: October 25th

Closure: October 27th



Watch the following videos about this incredible new technology. Answer the following questions:

  1. What is CRISPR?
  2. What does the acronym CRISPR stand for?
  3. This discovery has been turned into a gene editing tool. Describe how it works.
  4. What are some of the amazing possibilities for this new gene editing technology?
  5. How does CRISPR-Cas9 compare to other genome editing tools?
  6. What are some of the controversies /potential dangers with respect to the use of this new technology?




Read pages 340-345 and do Q#1-6,8 pg. 345

Complete Gene Mutations Activity

Watch Science Today: Virus Mutation and Mutations

Visit Understanding Evolution: DNA and Mutations to learn more about mutations

Play Mutation Kahoot

DNA Sequencing

DNA Sequencing


Read pages 379-382 and do Q#8-10 pg. 385

Complete DNA Sequencing Worksheet

Watch SciShow – 3 Sad Surprises: The Human Genome Project

Play DNA Sequencing Kahoot

Polymerase Chain Reaction



Read pages 376-378 and do Q#1-4 pg. 385

Watch Polymerase Chain Reaction

Play PCR Kahoot

Gel Electrophoresis

Gel Electrophoresis


Read pages 378-379 and do Q#5-7 pg. 385

Complete Gel Electrophoresis Worksheet

Start studying for Unit Test – Genetics Unit Test Review

Play Gel Electrophoresis Kahoot

Biotechnology Tools

Biotechnology Tools


Read pages 366-368 and do Q#1-4 pg. 375

Control Mechanisms

Control Mechanisms


Read pages 332-339 and do Q#1-6 pg. 339

Play Lac Operon Kahoot