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Lab #1 – Beetroot Permeability

Read and become very familiar with the Beetroot Lab – include rubric as last page of lab

Checklist For Writing Lab Reports

Due: Tuesday October 3rd

Closure: Thursday October 6th

Read How to Include a Trend Line and watch the video below to refresh your graphing knowledge!

Displaying the equation of the trend line and r2 value in Excel


Scientific American Presentation

Scientific American Articles – print and bring a copy of YOUR article when you present

Our class will be doing ODD numbers ONLY – choosing topics on Sept. 22nd

Scientific American Presentation Outline

Scientific American Presentation Rubric

Watch How to Present Like Steve Jobs

“Your mission in any presentation is to inform, educate, and inspire. You can only inspire when you give people a new way of looking at the world in which they live.” Robert Ballard

Due: TBA (sometime in EARLY November)

Closure: TBA

Ms. Giroux’s 12U Biology Kahoot’s


I have made Kahoot’s for ALL of the lesson topics for all units.

I strongly recommend that you play the review games for each topic after you have studied it as a way of checking your preparedness for the upcoming quiz/test. Do not use these as your sole method of studying.

Here is how to find the Kahoot’s:

  1. Visit and sign in or sign up for free
  2. Click Public Kahoot’s
  3. In the search bar look for #SBI4U or search Ms.Giroux
  4. Find the lesson topic you wish to practice and click play
  5. Learn and have fun!

The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method Note


Complete Data Collection and Processing Skills as practice for your first formal lab report

Due: Thursday September 28th

Closure: Friday September 29th

Watch and record your qualitative observations:

Watch Crash Course – Lab Techniques & Safety and Crash Course – Unit Conversion & Significant Digits

Assignment #3 – Enzyme Action


Complete the “Enzyme Action Assignment

Due: Friday September 22nd

Closure: Monday September 25th

Assignment #2 – Cellular SmallTalk


Read the Scientific American article “Cellular SmallTalk” and complete the Cellular SmallTalk Questions

Due: Monday September 15th

Closure: Wednesday September 20th

Assignment #1 – The Cell Membrane


Read the Scientific American article “Cell Membrane” and complete the Cell Membrane Questions

Due: Wednesday September 13th

Closure: Friday September 15th

Watch Crash Course – In Da Club: Membranes & Transport

Industrial Applications of Enzymes



Read Industrial Uses of Enzymes and know the specifics of at least one

Watch How it’s Made: Cheese, How it’s Made: Apple Juice, and Making Cheese with Mike Rowe and describe how enzymes are used in these industrial processes (enzyme name and function)

Extra Practice Questions – Biochemistry Practice Questions

Enzyme Activity

Enzyme Action Note


Complete the Enzyme Review Worksheet (answers)

Play the Enzymes kahoot


Enzymes Note


Read pages 50-56 and do Q#1-3,6,8,9 pg. 57

For more information on enzymes watch – What are Enzymes? How Do They Work?