Assignment #4 – Urine Analysis

Complete Comparing Solutes in the Plasma, Nephron, and Urine: parts a-f on handout

Due: Monday December 4th
Closure: Wednesday December 6th

Mark Breakdown:

a) /2, b) /2, c) /1, d) /2, e) /3 f) /2        TOTAL:  /12A


Assignment #3 – Blood Sugar Analysis

Complete Effects of Hormones on Blood Sugar

Due: Tuesday November 28th
Closure: Wednesday November 29th

Mark Breakdown:

1. /2, 2. /2, 3. /1, 4. /1, 5. /2, 6. /2, 7. /2, 8. /2     TOTAL: /14A

Assignment #1 and #2 – The Science of Sleep


Read the Scientific American article “Brain Drain” and complete the Brain Drain Questions

Due: Wednesday November 22nd
Closure: Friday November 24th


Read the Scientific American article “Sleep on It” and complete the Sleep on It Questions

Due: Monday November 20th
Closure: Wednesday November 22nd

The Immune System

Immune System


Watch Crash Course – Your Immune System: Natural Born Killer

Nelson 12 old textbook pgs. 462-465 and do Q#1-6 pg. 465

Nelson 12 old textbook pgs. 466-472 and do Q#1-5 pg. 472

Nelson 12 old textbook pgs. 473-475 and do Q#1-4 pg. 475

The Reproductive System

Reproductive System


Watch Crash Course – The Reproductive System: How Gonads Go and Crash Course – Meiosis: Where the Sex Starts

Read pages 496-502 and do Q#1-3, 5-7, 9-12 on page 503

Study for Unit Test

Play the Reproductive System Kahoot

Kidney Disease and Anabolic Steroids

Kidney Disease and Anabolic Steroids


Read Kidney Diseases and Anabolic Steroids and do Q#1-3, 6, 8

Read Anabolic Steroids and “Craigs Story” and answer the following questions:

1. What are they? How do they work?

2. What are the side effects?

3. Why are they illegal in sports and particularly dangerous for youth?

The Formation of Urine

Formation of Urine


Watch Crash Course – The Excretory System: From Your Heart to the Toilet

Read pages 446-452 and do Q#5,6,9,10 pg. 454

Play the Formation of Urine Kahoot

Importance of Excreting Waste

Importance of Excreting Waste


Read pages 446-448 and do Q#1-4 pg. 454

Water Balance; Blood Osmotic Pressure

Water Balance – Blood Osmotic Pressure


Read pages 442-445 and do Q#1-7,9,10 pg. 445

Read pages 353-354 and do Q#1-5 pg. 356

Start studying for Unit Test – Unit 4 – Homeostasis Review

Play the Blood Osmotic Pressure Kahoot

Glucose Metabolism

Glucose Metabolism


Read pages 483-485 and do Q#1-5,7 pg. 487

Play the Glucose Metabolism Kahoot